13 Best Saturday Night Live Hip-Hop Sketches

The attack happened on March 21, with the attackers posting video of the incident on social media. In a later post, the MALA hitmaker detailed his brutal assault, one day after it emerged the suspects have been arrested. Despite putting his wounds and cuts on full display, the star’s comment section was flooded by trolls asking the performer if his beatdown was ‘staged’ or ‘faked’ for publicity.

Appearing on his 2014 album Honest, I Be You pre-dates that, with the loved-up ATLient capturing the tender and intimate details of his relationship with Ciara, who was his then-fiancé. After all, the song ends in tragedy – their relationship ends because Renee is shot to death. “I’ll Be Missing You” is one of the most popular sad hip hop songs.

Jhené Aiko Returns With Uplifting New Single ‘Calm And Patient’

2Pac is the most socially-conscious rapper ever, but he never got the credit he deserved because he came up right in the midst of early hip-hop sexism. Common taught us that friendship is the foundation for all lasting relationships. It may be a stretch to call this song spiritual with lyrics like, “I was high when I met her” and “She just bleached her asshole,” but the song is actually a play on Pastor T.L. Barrett’s “Father Stretch My Hands” from 1976.

Big K.R.I.T., 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time

While Durk is known for his hit songs, including “Laugh Now Cry Later” and “Hats Off,” Royale is known to her 3 million-plus followers on Instagram for her beauty looks and business, India Royale Beauty. Not only is the pair famous within their own right, but they also made the news in 2021 when their Atlanta home was burglarized. As reported by TMZ at the time, the couple tragically endured both a “home invasion and aggravated assault” after a number of individuals broke into their home.

‘Cocaine In My Brain’ is Dillinger’s iconic depiction of getting wired in the Big Apple . It references the ‘Cocaine Blues’ as well as a bizarre Disney record and is a no-fucks-given ode to the white stuff underpinned by a funky sample from a disco classic, which explains why the song has such a damn happy spring in its step. A stone-cold reggae classic, it proved to be an international hit, even going to number one in the Netherlands.

From Chance The Rapper’s fan favorite and Grammy Award-winning album Coloring Book, “Blessings,” featuring Jamilia Woods, is a jubilant church song. A slow, R&B jam with Wood’s sweet voice singing “When the praises go up, the blessings come down,” “Blessings” is simple, joyful and could bring a smile to anyone’s face. Kung Fu Kenny channels the spirit and energy of Public Enemy on 2015’s “The Blacker The Berry’. Covering everything from corrupt law enforcement to institutional and systemic racism, K-Dot shows why his name is synonymous with modern-day conscious rap music. Hip-hop artists across the country began galvanizing around political music that blended political hip-hop with funk, ideas of socialism, and the dawn of a new era. Inspired by groups like The Watts Prophets and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, De La Soul were among the biggest acts in the late 80s, leading independent labels and mainstream major labels alike to focus on the style.

Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyBone call upon dark forces to get answers and chill listeners to the core with their séance song. Sofia Karlberg is a Swedish-Moroccan singer-songwriter who became famous by uploading covers on YouTube. Her version of this song reached #55 on the UK Official Singles Chart in 2015. A slowed-down, sensual string-filled version of the tune was used in the trailer for the 2014 Fifty Shades Of Grey movie and also features on its soundtrack. It was produced by Boots with violin arrangements by Margot, both of whom worked on Beyoncé’s 2013 self-titled album. This song is beyond fun to listen to because it is so fast paced.

True friendship is supportive, accepting, understanding and is never less important than a boy. Best friends never, ever intentionally hurt their best friends , no matter what the reason may be. Once you do that, you just aren’t best friends anymore. Big LurchConsidering Lurch committed actual cannibalistic murder in real life, this song about homicide and recklessness hits different.

This type of hard track really hits different on a rainy morning, especially on the drive to school and it is all on staying true to the family, friends, and tribe you grew up with and always being there for the ones that matter most to you. Versatility and adaptation were the ingredients needed to weather a tumultuous 2020. Whatever you needed to capture your moment, these records below were the gold standard.

All of these raps are definitely not safe for work, and probably not safe for listening to around anyone who you don’t want to think you might have a couple screws loose. In honor of Halloween 2019, XXL compiles a list of some of hip-hop’s darkest songs. Big Sean made this song about his ex who basically broke his heart. He told the world through the lyrics of this song that he dodged a bullet by ending things with her because she is crazy.

In short, Kendrick Lamar tells a story of his friend who was a victim of gun violence. We already mentioned XXXTENTACION, a talented XXXdating young rapper who was shot in 2018. It tells a story of a prisoner who commited crime to prove himself as a gangster.

The song is about the city of New York and it features Alicia Keys! Her voice paired with Jay-Z’s rhymes sounded perfectly to all of our eyes the very first time that we heard this song being played on the radio. When Jay-Z performs this song live, he sometimes lets Beyonce sing the song too. Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar are two artists that make a great team together when it comes to creating awesome songs. They both make awesome music separately and have proven track records of creating major hits. That is why everyone kind of was able to assume that this song was going to turn out so well.